75% of people believe information they share online is accurate – study

CAPE TOWN – A study has found that 75% of participants surveyed believe information they share on social media is accurate.

These are the findings of an Oxford University Press study that assessed how people worldwide seek out information and judge its accuracy.

The small survey included 5,000 participants across South Africa, the United Kingdom, India, Mexico and the United States.

Marketing Specialist at Oxford University Press, Danielle Carls, said 52% of participants said when it came to distinguishing fact from fiction sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram play an important role.

“Essentially if it involved a cross continent study, and then we also did some supplementary desk-based research evidence gathering.”

Carls said 1,000 respondents in each country took part in the research.

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“Although this is probably quite small in comparison to the country’s population, it still provided us with a really nice set of rich data that presented a global picture of the different ways that people are accessing information.”

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