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Africa’s week in pictures: 12-18 August 2022

A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond:

Woman dressed in religious clothing falling back with a pained expression. She is being held up by man who has a cross in his hands.AFP
Worshippers of the Legio Mary walking on a procession overnight. They are wearing religious clothing and have rosaries and crucifixes.AFP
A woman stands with her side profile in front of colourful Nigerian artwork. She is wearing traditional clothing including a white outfit and braided hair. She also has on a colourful necklace.Getty Images
Miss SA Ndavi Nokeri smiling in a sash with flowers as she received her crown. There are women behind her clapping.Getty Images
Lalela Mswane holding her large diamond crown and smiling.Getty Images
Men and a boy on brown horses. In the background there are hills and a crowed of people scattered around.AFP
A boy covered in mud with his arms stretched out wide.AFP
A man wearing traditional clothes with a flowery head dress, colourful jewellery and a feather in his hand. He is poses for a portrait style picture.AFP
A man with a cat-like mask sitting on the ground in front of a huge blaze.Getty Images
A police officer firing from a gun.AFP
People celebrating on the streets.Getty Images
A man with his foot on an appliance as he heats up his iron.Getty Images
Two women punching each other during a boxing match.Getty Images
Two men entangled during a judo match.Getty Images
Woman singing in African attire with a crown on her head. Man is next to her in a hat with an instrument.Getty Images
Two men dressed in white traditional clothes embracing.AFP

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