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Africa’s week in pictures: 18-24 February 2022

A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond:

Kenyan woman posing with a fish. She is holding up the fish in one hand and a knife in the other. There is a brick wall behind her and tubs of fish.Getty Images
Two woman praying at a shrine. They are dressed in red.Getty Images
A woman and a child sitting on the floor at the shrine of Abu Jalabiya.Getty Images
Oba of Benin being led into the palace with two men supporting him at his side. All three men are under an umbrella and they are wearing masks and traditional clothing with traditional beads. The Oba is wearing sunglasses.AFP
Female ballet dancers standing one behind the other while making a dance pose.EPA
A male and female ballet dancer holding hands while dancing, they are holding a dance pose.EPA
Children running the the sands of Kassala. One child can be seen laughing in the background.Getty Images
Seven camels racing through the sand.Getty Images
Senegalese people with face paint on and clothing in the Senegalese flag colours at a stadium. They have Senegal written out on their chests. It is quite a large and packed crowd.Getty Images
A gendarme on a white horse. He is wearing a uniform and there are people lining up behind him.AFP
Woman wearing tradition clothes with a basket on her head. She is wearing a headwrap and is smiling.Getty Images
South Africa Ministry of Police, Bheki Cele, is surrounded by the press as he visits the crime scene after a botched cash-in-transit attack. The surroundings are dark.AFP
A woman placing her kitchen utensils to dry outside. There are plates lined up on a shelf to her right.Reuters
The sun illuminating ancient stone sculptures in an ancient temple in Egypt.AFP
Multi-coloured spices on display in white bowls.AFP
Four models posing for a picture. Akon Changkou is on the far left and is wearing a bright red outfit with a hood.Getty Images

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