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Africa’s week in pictures: 20-26 May 2022

A selection of the week's best photos from across the continent and beyond:

A Kenyan beekeeper holding a refractometer. She has her hair in cornrows and is wearing traditional Kenyan clothing. She is squinting one eye.Getty Images
A man examining a large sea turtle. The turtle is on a table. There are people standing behind him watching on.AFP
A camel sitting down on sand in the Egyptian desert near to some pyramids. The sky is blue with white clouds in it.Getty Images
Three children sitting on a salt mound. It is bright white, against a backdrop of blue skies.Getty Images
A photo of an expressionist piece of art.Annika Hammerschlag
A statue of a person coloured blue, with a backdrop of brown brick surrounding them.Annika Hammerschlag
Dr Tedros giving President Kenyatta hand gel. Kenyatta is smiling.AFP
Queen Silvia of Sweden posing with Yanga Sobetwa.AFP
The honour guard standing in line, in what appears to be a march. They are wearing a green uniform and masks.EPA
School children lines up in a protest. They are wearing green school uniforms and looking to their left.AFP
A woman walks past an art mural.EPA
A man in a shop selling traditional African fabric.AFP
Children standing around a football table playing.AFP
Cannes film festival smiling for a picture. There are two people beside her.Getty Images

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