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Africa’s week in pictures: 3 – 9 December 2021

A selection of the best photos from the African continent and beyond.

Protesters dressed in all red outfits with white face paint. They have on black masks, are looking down and have their hands crossed over their chests.EPA
Protesters dressed all in red lined up in the sea with their fists in the air.AFP
Naomi Campbell accompanies by two others wearing colourful designs down the runwayEPA
A model wearing patterned clothing staring into the camera lens. She has on a large hat.EPA
A soldier dresses in camouflage with an automatic gunGetty Images
A solder kissing a cross in the hands of a priest. There are some children in the background looking on.AFP
A man reading the Bible dressed in traditional Ethiopian clothes. There is a rock behind him.AFP
A woman singing in front of a microphone. She is wearing traditional clothing, with red beads.AFP
A man on the beach wearing a traditional outfit - it is a red outfit covering his entire body including his face.AFP
A crowd of people wearing yellow. There is a woman in the middle with a strong look of anticipation on her face.Getty Images
A man standing with his cow in front of a bright pink wall.AFP
People standing in a queue. They are wearing colourful clothing. Some are staring into the camera, others are looking forward.Getty Images


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