Amstel Lager withdraws sponsorship for MacG’s podcast over transphobic remarks

JOHANNESBURG – A popular podcast series hosted by Macgyver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho has lost another sponsor.

Amstel Lager has withdrawn its support for the Podcast and Chill series following transphobic comments by the hosts.

The Podcast and Chill series is also at the centre of a public furore, following rape allegations against their latest guest rapper and TV presenter Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye.

Amstel Lager is the latest sponsor to back out of their deal with the Podcast and Chill show that has often been accused of taking controversy too far.

Hosts ‘MacG’ and Sol Phenduka made transphobic jokes involving a local actor prompting Amstel’s withdrawal of their sponsorship with the brand distancing itself from any transphobic and homophobic views.

Earlier in the year, Old Mutual and Studio 88 withdrew for similar reasons.

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Meanwhile, the show’s latest guest Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye has been suspended by Moja Love TV following his appearance on the podcast where he made comments about his relationship with actress Amanda du Pont.

Du Pont promptly reacted taking to social media to level accusations of rape and sexual assault against Maarohanye.

Several other women have since come out with similar allegations against the rapper. He is yet to comment. My side- I was raped and physically abused by Jub Jub. Only thing I did wrong was keep quiet. That ends here. GBV is absolutely unacceptable!! I will not be publicly ridiculed by a criminal! Rape is not smashing!! Time we deal with this demon

Amanda du-Pont (@AmandaDupont) December 2, 2021

I believe @AmandaDupont. Molemo Maarohanye (Jub Jub) raped me too. It happened in Mama Jakies house in Naturena. He was my boyfriend. I was a teenager. I was a virgin.

Masechaba Khumalo (@MKhumalo___) December 2, 2021

Maarohanye spent time in jail for culpable homicide after he killed four children whilst drag racing under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

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