Business Talk – EY on new cybersecurity trends to look out for

Ritesh Guttoo is the EY Africa, India and Middle East cybersecurity leader, where he was recently responsible for the implementation of a Centre of Excellence for cybersecurity services in Africa.

Guttoo has over 15 years of cybersecurity and cyber forensics experience, having previously worked at PwC Mauritius as an IT security consultant, and then later as a senior manager.

He also worked as an IT security specialist at the Mauritius State Bank, and as the IT project lead at MKD Chartered, before joining EY in 2017 as an associate director.

During his career, Guttoo has successfully designed multiple Security Operations Centres (SOCs) for clients.

In this interview, Guttoo meets with Michael Avery from Business Talk to discuss the latest trends in cybersecurity.

He explains how digitalisation is affecting cybersecurity efforts, and how organisations are responding a rise in security threats.

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He also discusses the types of cyberattacks being observed currently, notably ransomware-as-a-service.

Finally, Guttoo makes several predictions about which cybersecurity trends are likely to arise over the next five years, including a possible increased threat to IoT devices.

The full interview with Ritesh Guttoo from EY is embedded below.

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