Can sleeping in separate bedrooms benefit you as a couple?

One in four couples now sleep in separate bedrooms, according to the Better Sleep Council and the National Sleep Foundation.

Africa Melane speaks to clinical psychologist Bradley Daniels on why some couples who choose to sleep in separate bedrooms should make a point of being more intimate than others.

While there are many reasons why couples may decide to sleep apart, many of opt for it as a way to guarantee better sleep quality.

Intimacy, which is more than just bedroom hanky panky, is something couples must prioritise, says Daniels.

It can be messages, kisses, pillow talk, giving a warm embrace and other heartfelt connections.

Partners should also be very mindful of why their strategy is in place to ensure that the decision benefits the relationship.

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The clinical psychologist adds that while each union is observed on a case-by-case basis, falling into feeling neglected or abandoned is common place for a lot of couples.

One can easily get lost in their own world when sleeping in different rooms, something that Daniels says lovers should be weary of.

Listen to the audio for more.

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