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Mohbad death: Nursing assistant is prime suspect after Primeboy fight – police

Adedayo Okedare/BBC By Wedaeli ChibelushiBBC NewsA nursing assistant said to have injected Nigerian Afrobeats star Mohbad with drugs is the prime suspect in his death, police say. MohBad died at a hospital last month in circumstances that were unclea..

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Afrobeats megastar Burna Boy is still ‘a work in progress’, his mother says

Getty ImagesBy Wedaeli ChibelushiBBC NewsBurna Boy has had an incredible year. The Nigerian megastar made history as the first African musician to headline a sold-out stadium show in the US, as well as the UK. Meanwhile, his latest album, I Told The..

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South Africa’s Kruger National Park study: Animals fear human voices more than lions

Getty ImagesBy Muthoni MuchiriBBC NewsHuman voices cause considerably more fear in wild mammals than the sound of lions, a study in South Africa has found. Scientists played recordings of people talking normally through speakers hidden at water holes..

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Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine says he is under house arrest after returning from overseas

Ugandan opposition leader Bobi Wine said Thursday he was under house arrest after being seized by security officials on his return home from a trip abroad. Issued on: 05/10/2023 - 10:59Modified: 05/10/2023 - 13:49 3 min Wine, a popstar-turned-..

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US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy ousted by own Republican party in historic first

Republican Kevin McCarthy rode the tiger of far-right US politics led by Donald Trump to achieve his dream of becoming House speaker early this year. Then on Tuesday, the tiger turned and ate him. Issued on: 03/10/2023 - 22:50Modified: 03/10/2023 ..

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At least 20 dead in bus crash near Venice, Italian mayor says

At least 20 people, including two children, were killed Tuesday and several others wounded when a bus running on methane plunged off a bridge in Venice and caught fire. Issued on: 03/10/2023 - 21:47Modified: 03/10/2023 - 22:44 1 min "A tragedy..

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Lampedusa shipwreck: Sirens sound to remember Eritrean victims

By Teklemariam BekitBBC Tigrinya, LampedusaAn emotional memorial has been held in Lampedusa for 368 migrants who perished at sea exactly a decade ago after their ship caught fire. Most of those of those who died were from Eritrea in what is one of t..

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Inflated rents, high interest rates and lack of supply create European housing crisis

Soaring costs across the EU are pricing out renters, deterring prospective buyers and preventing new homes from being built. As Europe’s housing crisis grows, so do homelessness rates across the bloc. What are the solutions to Europe’s housing crisis..

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DR Congo colonel sentenced to death over anti-UN protest killings

AFPBy Wycliffe MuiaBBC News An army colonel has been sentenced to death in the Democratic Republic of Congo for his role in the killing of more than 50 demonstrators in August. Col Mike Mikombe, the ex-commander of the elite Republican Guard in Goma ..

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Warsaw, Kyiv make breakthrough on Ukrainian grain transit

WARSAW - Warsaw and Kyiv announced on Tuesday they had agreed to speed up the transit of Ukrainian cereal exports through Poland to third countries, a first step towards resolving their "grain war". It is the first breakthrough since the start of a d..

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Turkey’s inflation hovers near 60% after policy U-turn

ISTANBUL - Turkey's annual inflation rate held steady near 60 percent last month, official data showed Tuesday, offering the first evidence that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's economic policy U-turn was working. The TUIK state statistics ..

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Seychelles opposition leader Patrick Herminie charged with witchcraft

AFPBy Gloria AradiBBC NewsThe main opposition leader in Seychelles, Patrick Herminie, has been charged with witchcraft, along with seven others. Police say the case is related to the discovery of two bodies exhumed from a cemetery on the island of Ma..

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