Discovery announces Vitality price hikes and changes for 2023

Health provider Discovery has announced that Vitality will increase its pricing, effective 1 January 2023, while introducing several other changes to the programme.

The new Vitality monthly membership contributions for next year are as follows:

  • Member: R329 up 7.8% from R305 before
  • Member +1: R399 up 7.8% from R370 before
  • Member +2 or more: R465 up 8.1% from R430 before

The group announced updates for 2023, including changes to Vitality points, Discovery Miles discounts and the end of its Points to Miles benefit.

Vitality members have also warned that they stand to lose cash-backs on their rewards under certain conditions, and that age ranges for some Vitality points have been changed.

The key changes are as follows:

Vitality points

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The age range for earning Vitality points when completing the following health checks has been adjusted to align with clinical guidelines and the funding rules of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme.

Female members between the ages of 25 years and 65 years (previously between the ages of 16 years and 65 years) will earn 2,500 points for completing a pap smear. Members will earn the points in the year of the screening and the next two years.

Members aged 45 years or older (previously 50 years or older) will earn 2,500 points once a year for completing a colonoscopy.

Cash backs on rewards

Discovery said that rewards will be paid within the first 2 weeks of the next month if the reward is greater than R50; otherwise, it will be carried over to the next month.

Monthly rewards will only be carried over for one month, and if they do not exceed R50 after the second month, the reward will be lost.

This includes cash backs for HealthyBaby, HealthyDining, HealthyFood and Team Vitality, it said.

Vitality Health Check for 65+

In 2023, the hearing and vision pre-screening test will be removed from the Vitality Health Check for 65+. You can do these tests at other providers if you would like to do so.

There is no change to the Vitality points earned during a Vitality Health Check for 65+.

Vitality Travel

With the Vitality Travel booking platform, powered by Discovery Bank, you can book your entire trip in a single, convenient checkout, access all your Vitality Travel benefits in one place, and compare pricing across airlines, car hire and accommodation.

As of January 2023, you will:

  • Be able to make bookings with Vitality Travel through the Discovery Bank app.
  • Have access to a range of non-discounted local and international listings on Vitality Travel through
  • Need to book international flights 6 weeks in advance to get the full Vitality Health and Money discount (i.e. reverting to pre-COVID-19 Travel booking rules). If bookings are made within six weeks from departure, members will still receive a 10% discount on all bookings.

Team Vitality

Your Team Vitality membership contributions for next year are as follows:

  • Team Vitality Running Club – R440
  • Team Vitality Cycling Club – R1,040
  • Dual membership – R1,480

If you join Team Vitality Running Club at this year’s rates of R420, Team Vitality Cycling Club for R990 or both for R1,410 before 31 December 2022, you’ll be able to access amazing Team Vitality benefits.

Discovery Miles discounts

From 2023, your 20% Discovery Miles discount will be calculated as follows:

The Discovery Miles discount can be doubled up to 40% on the 15th of every month, the group said.

Point to Miles

Discovery said the Points to Miles benefit will end on 31 December 2022.

The new exercise, drive and money tiles available in Vitality Active Rewards will replace the previous benefit that rewarded Discovery Miles for fitness and Drive points on a weekly basis.

Vitality members will get exclusive access to the new Discovery Account with zero monthly fees.

“Through this account, you can enjoy the increase to your Discovery Miles discount and the ability to reveal thousands of Discovery Miles on your Vitality Active Rewards gameboard. Your Discovery Bank account must be in good standing to qualify for the Discovery Miles discount, and you will need to have Vitality Money,” the group said.

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