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Eskom warns system under strain as residents vent frustration over load shedding

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg residents have vented their frustrations over ongoing power cuts across South Africa.

Eskom announced a fourth consecutive day of stage two load shedding from 5 pm until 10 pm on Thursday.

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South Africans have bemoaned coming home to no power, adding that this was an inconvenience to their daily routines.

Some locals said Eskom should send out a load shedding schedule, instead of waking up each day with the uncertainty of whether they would have electricity or not.

“I don’t feel well about it", one local told Eyewitness News.

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Another said: “I definitely feel that it is an inconvenience, especially when you are studying or have work to do."

They added that the constant power cuts would end up being costly as their home appliances were at risk of being damaged.

There hasn't been an indication from Eskom on whether load shedding would continue into the weekend but the utility warned that cold weather was putting a strain on the national grid.


The Democratic Alliance (DA) has called for a state of disaster to be declared over Eskom and the ailing electricity sector.

The party also announced that it had taken the “unprecedented” step to have this issue placed on the agenda of the next Cabinet meeting.

DA MP Solly Malatsi said unless the matter was declared a state of disaster, South Africans could expect more load shedding: “Unless a concerted effort is taken to remove obstacles standing in the way of independent power generation South Africa could face another decade of load shedding disruptions.”

The party said now was the time to put aside any political differences and put our collective effort into addressing load shedding.


Earlier, Eskom announced it would implement stage 2 power cuts due to continued constraints on the power grid.

Eskom has implemented power cuts during the evening peak since Monday as it struggles to meet the demand for power.

It again reiterated that the implementation of rolling blackouts were a last resort to protect the national power grid.


Stage 2 loadshedding will be implemented from 17:00 22:00 tonight due to continued constraints on the power system

Eskom Hld SOC Ltd (@Eskom_SA) May 12, 2022

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