Ghana: Book to Eulogise Late Quaison-Sackey Launched

The Council on Foreign Relations-Ghanain collaboration with the Quaison-Sackey family has launched a book to eulogise the life and legacy of the late Alex Quaison-Sackey, a former Ghanaian diplomat.

Titled "The Making of a Diplomatist: Memoirs of Ambassador Alex Quaison-Sackey", the 429-page book took into account the educational, social and political life of the late diplomat, and his contributions towards the development of the country in terms of its foreign relations.

Launching the book, the Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Trade Liberalisation Task Force, Dr Mohammed Ibn Chambas, bemoaned the mode of recruitment into the civil service currently as compared to the time of the late diplomat.

According to him, recruitment during that period was subjected to rigorous training and on merit, which reflected in the country's contributions at international level in terms of foreign relations.

Dr Chambas noted that the world continued to face crisis such as the Russia-Ukraine war since the death of the late diplomat, who was also the first black and youngest President of the UN General Assembly.

DR Chambas, therefore, called for the use of a diplomatic approach in addressing issues facing the world currently.

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The book, Dr Chambas indicated, would help improve the country's foreign relations as it would serve as a guide to the operations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

Ambassador Dr William Brandful, who reviewed the book, said that for one to be considered a diplomat, he or she must be among other things a good listener, tactful and skilled negotiator, goal-getter and one who was able to make sound judgement.

He explained that the possession of all these characteristics made the late Mr Quaison-Sackey one of the finest diplomats the country had ever had.

According to Ambassador Dr Brandful, to become a diplomat was hinged on the role of the individual aspiring to be a diplomat, the role of institutions such as the Council of Foreign Affairs and the role of the government.

He asked the Council of Foreign Affairs to ensure that individuals recruited into the sector were subjected to rigorous training, and implored government to draw on the expertise of the late diplomat.

The President of the Council of Foreign Relations, Ghana, Ambassador D. K. Osei, commended the daughter of the late diplomat, Ms Awo A.Quaison-Sackey, and others for their efforts in publishing the autobiography.

Ms Quaison-Sackey said she was delighted for being able to honour her father by publishing the book while recognising the role played by his siblings and other individuals.

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