Global brand Nike ropes in Shelflife to design Jordan 2 sneakers

JOHANNESBURG – Nike has set a collaborative food in Africa – South Africa to be particular.

The global brand has partnered with Shelflife in a bid to collaborate on designing Jordan 2 sneakers.

The project is dubbed the 'International Flight Club' – and it's a first for Africa.

Nike's two other international partners are the US and the Philippines.

Nick Herbert, founder and creative director for Shelflife said the idea was to thrust the world under the spotlight.

"The idea was to shine a spotlight on areas of the world that are passionate about Jordan sneakers but traditionally aren’t represented in mainstream media. Nike selected the Titan Store in the Philippines, Shop Two 18 in Detroit, USA and us in South Africa,” he said.

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"It was the greatest experience ever. I never thought that this would happen. Every sneaker store owner or sneakerhead dreams of the opportunity to work with Jordan to design a shoe.”

In designing, the Shelflife team were given free rein on what they wanted the product to look like in terms of colour and the material they wanted to work with.

“We came up with the concept of focusing on the Shelflife team that makes it happen, to capture the essence of the team who show up each day to make sure the product gets to market. Often it is only the CEO or owner of a business that is in the limelight. But each member of our team contributes equally," Herbert said.

An international brand for sports gear, streetwear and sneaker chose Shelflife – a South African store. Picture: Supplied by Instagram

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