Here’s how a cold shower might benefit you

JOHANNESBURG – With the days getting colder, many can’t wait to get home and warm up with a hot shower, but could a cold shower be healthier for us?

John Maytham spoke to Lindsay Bottoms from the University of Hertfordshire about the potential benefits of having a cold shower.

A study was done in the Netherlands with around 3,000 participants, which found that those who ended their shower by standing under the cold water for 30 – 90 seconds, were off work sick 29% less than the control group.

According to Bottoms, while there is little other research on the topic, the idea behind rinsing off with cold water makes sense and there is room to do more research to prove what others have anecdotally been saying.

The benefits would go beyond just making people healthier, it could also have the added environmental bonus of saving electricity if it becomes common practice.

Listen to the audio for more:

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