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‘Horrible day’ for dinosaurs: Small asteroid hit off coast of Guinea, 66 million years ago

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In tonight's edition: Scientists recently discovered a crater off the coast of Guinea. While it was not as impactful as the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago, its regional consequences would have been huge. Our regional correspondent Sam Bradpiece spoke to one of the researchers involved.

But first, Angola is on the eve of the most competitive election in its history. President Joao Lourenço of the long-ruling MPLA is seeking a second term but faces a strong challenge from the UNITA opposition bloc. FRANCE 24's Clément Bonnerot reports.

Plus, Kenyans forced off their land by British settlers during colonial rule take the United Kingdom to the European Court of Human Rights. The descendants of those evicted from Kenya's Rift Valley say the UK has been deliberately ignoring victims' plight. Our correspondent Vivianne Wandera tells us more.

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