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[IN PICTURES] Soweto Kota Festival’s delightful and oh-so-daring combos

JOHANNESBURG – The fifth annual Soweto Kota Festival saw thousands gather in Rockville, Soweto over the weekend.

The two-day event brought together the best kota outlets from all over Gauteng.

And while you'd expect to find traditional kotas on the menu – with chips, 'special', viennas and the likes, the ingredient mix was on another level this year.

From coleslaw-bacon combos to kotas with mushroom sides and even vegan kotas, they had it all.

A little birdy also told us mopane worms and chicken feet kota combos were a thing at some stalls, but judging from these images, perhaps only a few were brave enough to give it a go or an upload.

You know when they talk about kotas that went to private school? Bunny-chowish kotas, well this is it ladies and gentlemen. Facebook/The Funny Chef

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No, South Africans are creative indeed. That onion-ring-shaped patty is everything. Picture: Twitter/@TwinmadeFood._

It's not inside, it's on top! That crispy onion cherry tomato top is everything. Picture: Twitter/@smoicles.


Soweto Kota Festival helps grow township economy

That's definitely a chickenish something, but are those atchar, pickle bits as well? Picture: Twitter/@AromatSA

Protein upon protein baba. Picture: Twitter/@TwinmadeFood_

Is that bacon and coleslaw on that kota? Image via Twitter/@Mpumiln

Because kotas now have sides. Cava those mushrooms? Twitter/@2selai_

Never mind these delectable crispy bits on this towering kota, are those chicken wings we see on the side? Picture: Facebook/The Funny Chef

Kota Festival in Soweto was a success!!

— Entrepreneur Zone (@SayEntrepreneur) September 4, 2022

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