Kaofela Kaofela by Kombonation takes over Soweto

JOHANNESBURG – Jägermeister Night Embassy Joburg is returning to reignite the night.

A space for unbridled self-expression and unlimited creativity; that's what the Night Embassy by Jägermeister promises.

This week, the residency's offering is Kaofela Kaofela by Kombonation, Eyewitness News had a quick chat with them.

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“We are expressionists. The Night Embassy has encouraged us to be unapologetically ourselves and that this is the only way to get others to rally behind us when creating residencies such as Kaofela Kaofela. At the same time, how to conduct a successful collaboration has been our biggest take-away from this whole process”.

Market Photography Workshop graduates Kabelo Sello and Kgotso Selomah founded Kombonation in 2018.

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They are a Soweto-based pre-to-post production start-up, specialising in real and raw visual storytelling.

Kombonation's residency is named Kaofela, Kaofela as the saying "together, we can do more" is part of Kombonation's moral code. "We are a collaborative effort, so we hold unity in a community in high regard. We believe our dream can only come true if our community, our fans, and society as a whole understand that this is a joint effort,” said Sello.

Sello and Selomah also create clothing that showcases their photographic skills and expresses the narratives existing within and beyond their imagery. Their attire, events and performances are by the Kasi, for the Kasi – and beyond.

“Kaofela Kaofela is the alternative Kasi nightlife experience we all didn't know we needed! Through street culture, the photography displayed, merch sold and music played, Kasi people's minds will be opened to a fresh way of partying, one that is not just about a good time, but a great life experience to remember for keeps” said Selomah.

Last year, a residency programme centred around 'Freiraum' AKA space to create announced open applications to creatives in South Africa to come and present their visionary ideas and concepts.

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“Our Night Embassy creative board are still paving the way through mentorship and assisting the ambassadors of the night to build on their creative ideas and take them from concept to creation,” said Jägermeister, South Africa’s culture and experiential manager, Bea Theron.

The selected ambassadors explored new directions in nightlife culture through various art forms in hopes of fostering a strong sense of community.

“From the 24 to 26 June at Unkle Tom's Arts & Community Centre, our residency will contribute to the shift of the Kasi nightlife landscape. As Kombonation, we're essentially about doing anything with purpose, even in spontaneity, so partying with the intention of inspiring townships & beyond to do great things in their communities is paramount” said Kombonation.

After receiving hundreds of applications and uncovering some of the creative community's most visionary ideas, the boldest concepts in the city were chosen.

“We care more about our brand and what we stand for than ever before. Kombonation is founded by a young couple from eKasi, a place of low morale, high rates of teenage pregnancy, alcoholism and drug abuse. There's hardly ever electricity, so we boldly represent light, hope, progress and unity, hence we called our residency Kaofela Kaofela, to conjure the spirit of togetherness”.

They are recipients of mentorship from the Night Embassy creative board as well as the production and infrastructural support needed to enable them to create fresh new directions in Joburg’s nightlife.

After the relaunch party, Night Embassy heads to the streets of Soweto with Kombonation to create an elevated Kasi nightlife experience, Kaofela Kaofela, from 24 -26 June.

The Kaofela Kaofela event at Uncle Tom's Community Centre on Khumalo St in Orlando West, takes place across three days and is filled with music, fashion, photography, film screenings, exhibitions and more. The duo aim to showcase the best of Sowetan creativity from photography to street fashion, documentary films, live performance and music.

“Throughout the weekend and the venue, an exhibition showcasing the beauty of the people and the places in Soweto will be up for everyone to marvel. The last 2 nights start a bit earlier to celebrate one of street cultures primary communities, the skate community, by way of the Kaofela Kaofela Skate contest curated by Perfect Weather Skate Foundation, with the dopest branded decks and other exciting prizes to be won.

Of course, what's a party with no music? A living legend from a township of the capital city of South Africa, Pretoria and self-proclaimed Presidente Ya Straata, Focalistic, will be Kaofela with us on our first night! There's no better way to enjoy Kaofela Kaofela than to be there!”.

Friday 23 June For the Kasi by the Kasi!
Paying homage to township lifestyle through drip and beats is what the first night of this residency is all about.

Saturday 25 June Monate Nice!
Taking us from day into night is the Skate Kontest kurated by Perfekt Weather Skate Foundation.

Sunday 26 June Live Eb'Suku
From the originators of sounds to those taking those sounds to a new level.

Tickets are available here.

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