Kenya: KTB Organises Mombasa Run to Showcase Mombasa’s Attractions

Nairobi — Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) have partnered with Action Marketing Plus, a 360-marketing agency to showcase Mombasa's attractions and experiences through running.

This weekend of 5th and 6th, all the roads lead through Nyali beach, Mama Ngina water front, Greenwood Drive, Pirates Beach and Downtown as key highlights during the health run to showcase the beauty of Mombasa city.

According to Younes Iraki, CEO of Action Marketing Plus, people across the world are realizing the importance of wellness and a healthy lifestyle along with a newfound gratitude for the outdoors.

Already, the run has attracted over 700 participants, and according to the organizers, the run is expected to bring together over a thousand runners and fans from within and outside Mombasa

"Mombasa Run is neither a race, nor a competition. We encourage participants to add more routes and register their run groups with us to boost engagement in the community. This is all about rediscovering, building and celebrating our Mombasa", said Younes.

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He added, "We are therefore inviting runners, walkers, fitness enthusiasts from all over the country to visit and discover the beauty of Mombasa, to connect with the runners' community and to have all participants run the city over the weekend".

Mombasa Run, according to the organizers will also celebrate the runner's community of Mombasa, by featuring all the key runners, run groups & active clubs so that people may discover & engage with them.

KTB CEO Dr. Betty Radier says the run will give an opportunity to the participants to rediscover the beauty of Mombasa, to explore its vibrant running routes and share their exhilarating experiences with the world.

She added that Mombasa has other unexplored attractions away from the beach experience which she noted, add to the diversity of experience Kenya has to offer to both local and international visitors.

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