Kenya: SS14 Loop One Cancelled as WRC Safari Rally Enters Homestretch

Naivasha — As the drivers lick their wounds from yesterday's action and bruised egos begin to heal, the final day offers them the chance to claw back a few valuable seconds and improve their current standings.

If history is anything to go by, the drivers will push even harder as they strive to prove that they have what it takes to conquer the African Savana.

Oserian was stage ready at 4:05am and the first car went in at exactly 7:05am. Solberg was on the receiving end of the Fesh Fesh as it made its way into the stage.

His air box chocking the car leading it to grind to a halt. This led to SS14 being cancelled and all the remaining cars moved to SS15 in Narasha.

Meanwhile, SS17 Oserian 2 has been shortened by 3.10km from the start with the total length of the road section now being 38.11km, time remaining the same; 47 minutes.

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Another Fesh Fesh house, Solberg managed to get the car ready again and headed to the next stage.

It will be interesting to see how the drivers tackle the remaining stages as the much-anticipated rains did not bless any of the three remaining stages exposing them to more Fesh Fesh and forcing them to drive smart not necessarily hard.

The fourth and final day action started off with Oserian, then Narasha and Hells Gate. Loop two of Narasha will be the Wolfs Power stage that will see the WRC1 drivers take in some extra points.

As early as 3:00am, fans were seen streaming into stages. The warthog holes in Hellsgate claimed a few prizes as those "driving blind" under the cover of dark, mist and dust tried to get a vantage point to catch the last days action.

The safety convoy is currently snaking through Hellsgate… let's see what the rugged hills and dusty plains have in store for its Guests today.

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