Liberia: RIA to Be Outsourced?

The plenary of the Liberian Senate has taken a decision to communicate with the President of Liberia, informing him of its decision to outsource the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

The Senate's decision grew out of recommendations from its AD-HOC Committee, set up weeks ago with the mandate from Plenary to launch an investigation into structural and management issues and other related matters at the RIA.

The committee report revealed several technical and capacity gaps in the operations of the airport, ranging from the usage of generators and an obsolete Uninterrupted Power Supply.

The report also said that the Cargo and Handling Section is not performing up to the task due to lack of equipment.

It said the section even rents equipment from RIA which suggests that it does not have the capacity to perform the task assigned to it.

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The committee, therefore, recommended that a solar field be established in accordance with international standard practice immediately to provide electricity to the RIA.

It also recommended that the government should purchase additional generators in its short-term plan, considering that the purchase of solar panels is the term plan.

Based on the findings by the AD-HOC Committee, Liberia stands a risk of endangering aircraft landing at the RIA with the lack of electricity and proper communication.

The Committee has called on Plenary to give serious attention to the RIA in order to enhance its performance in adhering to international standards for airports.

In addition, the Senate has also resolved to conduct a public hearing with experts and authorities in the sector in order to amicably resolve the matter. -Edited by Winston W. Parley

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