Malawi: Catholic Church Closes Church Over Music Video

Catholic church authorities have closed down a church in Blantyre after a release of what church officials say a disrespectful music video which was shot from the church.

The artist who shot the video has since apologised to the archbishop of the Catholic Church.

Chitungwi Catholic Church in Lirangwe, Blantyre has been closed for being used as a set shooting a music video of Queen Sheba's song Chiwanda featuring Wikise.

The song is about a woman's weakness of dressing scantily that she pleads to a cleric to exorcise the weakness. In the video, the artist is seen wearing a skimpy dress and a revealing pair of trouser.

When the video was released, church authorities were incensed that they ordered the church to be closed.

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Queen Sheba has since written the archbishop to offer her apology.

In a communication that we have seen addressed to the Archbishop of Blantyre Archdiocese the Most Reverend Thomas Msusa, the artist is apologising what has been understood to be inappropriate and disrespectful.

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