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Mbalula says he supports grounding of Comair flights for safety concerns

CAPE TOWN – Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said he supports the decision to ground Kulula and British Airways flights, for safety concerns.

This, was after the Civil Aviation Authority, ruled to suspend Comair's operating licence indefinitely, due to non-compliance with strict safety regulations.

Hundreds of passengers have been left stranded at airports across the country.

The company is asking passengers not to overcrowd airports, and rather await further communication.
Since the establishment of the Aviation Authority, South Africa has not seen a single loss of life from commercial airlines.

Spokesperson Lawrence Venkile said the ruling by the regulatory body is in order to maintain this.

"We have had an impeccable safety record over the years and this is precisely because of the robustness of the safety regime that we have that is maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority. The department intends to maintain the status core in that we encourage CAA not to compromise the safety of customers. The minister is fully behind the decision in the interest of the people who use our airline".

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I was advised of the decision taken by the SACAA to suspend the air operator certificate of Comair as a precautionary measure.

This action follows a series of safety incidents, involving British Airways Comair &


FIKILE MBALULA | MR FIX (@MbalulaFikile) March 13, 2022

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