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Mkhwebane will be allowed to cross-examine witnesses in inquiry into competence

CAPE TOWN – The committee conducting the enquiry into Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane's competence has released documents related to its investigation.

The section 194 committee on Thursday said it wanted to alert all interested parties to the documents that would be central to Mkhwebane's impeachment hearing starting next month.

The committee on Wednesday resolved to proceed with the hearing, despite Mkhwebane's objections.

Among the documents released by the committee are the terms of reference of the committee for the inquiry.

The terms of reference state that the committee will furnish Mkhwebane with copies of all statements as received as well as a list of all witnesses it intends calling.

They state that while the committee is not a judicial tribunal or court of law, it will permit Mkhwebane, or her representative, to cross-examine any witnesses, whether identified by the public protector or by the committee.

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The documents also include the response from Mkhwebane as well as the rules on the removal of office bearers of chapter 9 institutions.

Mkhwebane on Wednesday said she noted with regret the decision of the section 194 committee to commence with its impeachment inquiry.

She is confident that no legitimate enquiry will find her guilty of the charges.

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