Namibia: NWR Aims to Inspire Youth to Visit Facilities

A Namibia Wildlife Resorts' manager for corporate communications, online media who just started his new job, says the company aims to inspire young people who are the most active members of society to visit NWR facilities.

Nelson Ashipala said this keeps the facilities in business despite pandemic-related challenges. Ashipala's role is to grow the NWR brand through stakeholder relations while at the same time enhancing customer experience with new event initiatives. "Travelling allows one to connect with your inner being, it allows one to see beyond your eyes and most importantly, travelling allows one to see the world you never thought existed. I cringe hearing there is a person who has never seen the Fish River Canyon. This should not be the case. It's very beautiful out there beyond the four walls," he noted.

Tourism being his passion and being exposed to tourism industries across the world, Ashipala hopes that with what he has learned, he can grow the NWR brand and push it to greater heights. "I travel out annually. It's a personal philosophy I have set for myself and I would like to inspire my fellow Namibians to tour around our facilities," he said.

Through incentive programmes that the company can offer, NWR has allowed local travel stimulation by setting out packages such as Black Friday and "My friends are cooler than yours" initiatives.

"I'm glad these are in motion already, kudos to the team. My strategy, however, will be to continue providing service that focuses on service verses pricing. Getting the best service at the right price. This can be done through creative out of the box tailoring which I'm sure my team will be able to lead. We might even make a great announcement this February, who knows," he said. Ashipala noted that he was excited about his new role. "Work is good. I'm in my first month and the challenges are already exciting," he noted.

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