Rwanda: Music Stars Join Family, Friends as Junior Multisystem is Laid to Rest

Rwandan artistes and friends joined the family of Junior Multisystem to bid farewell to the late producer. The iconic producer was laid to rest in a burial ceremony held on Wednesday, August 2, at Rusororo cemetery, Gasabo District.

The 30- year- old producer, real name Jean Luc Karamuka, passed on last week on Thursday July 27 after a long illness that resulted from an accident in March 2018, that led to his arm being amputated.

Mourners gathered at Ituze Garden in Kimironko, to bid their farewells and prayers were held for him before proceeding to Rusororo for burial.

Prior to that, there was a somber yet celebratory vigil that took place on Tuesday August 1, at the same venue, which saw major big names in Rwanda's music like Tom close, Knowless Butera, Bruce Melodie, King James, Marina, Platin P and Tonzi to mention but a few, joined the family to reminisce about the indelible mark the late producer left on the music industry.

Each artiste chose a song that held a unique connection with him, creating a heartfelt tapestry of memories from the beginning. They talked about their early music career days, his talent detection and work experience with him.

His genuine support and encouragement provided an invaluable boost to almost every artiste's fledgling journey in Rwanda.

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Thomas Muyombo, commonly known as Tom Close, remarked that the journey towards making a meaningful impact begins right from the moment we are born.

He emphasized the importance of doing what is right and viewing the entirety of our lives as an opportunity to contribute positively. His words resonated deeply with the mourners, reminding them that every day offers a chance to cultivate goodness and leave a lasting legacy.

Zizou Iradukunda popularly known as producer Zizou Al Pacino fondly reflected on the invaluable lessons he learned from Junior, which will never disappear in his memory.

The wealth of knowledge and skills passed down to him has become an integral part of his own creative process, shaping his approach and instilling a big understanding of the industry. Zizou cherishes these indelible teachings, forever grateful for the lasting impact they have had on his journey as a producer.

Jeanine Karamuka, Junior's mother found herself grappling with grief as she struggled to articulate the magnitude of her loss.

"Junior was more than just a son," she said

Words seemed inadequate to describe the bond they shared.

Early life

Born in Rwanda on July 25, 1992, Junior's life was a testament to the power of love and laughter. Known for his infectious and ever-present laughter, he brought joy to everyone around him.

Beyond that, Junior's role as an elder sibling was profound. He took on the role of a mentor to his young siblings, imparting wisdom beyond his years.

He picked interest in music at an early age, in P4, where he started toying with music instruments. Having grown up in a Christian family, his family fondly recalls his propensity for finding humor even in the simplest moment.

He went on to become a household name in music production in 2009, alongside the likes of Pastor P, Lick Lick and Piano Production, among other outstanding music producers at the time.

As a music producer, he is considered among the iconic people who uplifted modern Rwandan music over the past decade. He will be remembered for his golden heart and numerous hit songs made leaving an indelible mark on Rwandan music.

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