South Africa: E-Hailing Drivers Call End to 3-Day Strike

Cape Town — E-hailing drivers from Bolt, Uber, DiDi, UberEats and Indriver have gone on a national 3-day strike to demand government action in regulating the e-hailing sector.

The group – Unity in Diversity – that represents the drivers, says there is ongoing communication with the departments to which they submitted their memoranda.

Drivers want a minimum rate of R13 per kilometre and R50 a trip, and for the e-hailing platform providers' commissions – 25% and higher – to be reduced. They are also calling on the e-hailing providers to take responsibility for damages and injuries incurred, during events such as hijackings and robberies, while on duty.

Drivers are asking President Cyril Ramaphosa to compel Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula to engage with them.

The drivers say they are now waiting for a full report from the government and cars would operate as normal after midnight on March 25, 2022.

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