South Africa: Eat and Drink the City’s Best, All in One Parkwood Block

Jozi is big, taking up twice the area of New York City. And it's spread out. People from other South African cities don't always get that there are such enormously good food and drink places up here, but they are not all in one spot or down one road. There are many enclaves of excellence.

Two of my favourite restaurants regarded as among the best in Jozi are in the Parkwood enclave that mostly consists of Park Corner. It stretches down Bolton Road for a block, turns into Jan Smuts Avenue and really runs all the way to Woolies on Wells Street. They are Coalition and CHE Argentine Grill, almost at opposite ends, with a wealth of interesting, crazy and fabulous places at which to gorge, taste, be inspired and even get silly in between.

Coalition on the Bolton Street side is pretty tiny for a great place. I like to say that pizza is not real if not from Naples or made by a Neapolitan, except Coalition pizzas. They are neither and yet they are the really real things, in almost every way utterly unlike what the world consumes as pizza. All I can suggest is have it here…

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