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South African Youth Council: We need to derive policies that’ll assist us

JOHANNESBURG – South Africa’s unemployment rate has now crossed over the 35% threshold in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to Stats SA.

Meanwhile, the expanded definition of the unemployment rate decreased by 0.4% to 46.2% in the fourth quarter.

The South African Youth Council on Monday said government needed to do more to invest in young people and their skills.

Speaking on the Afternoon Drive show on 702, treasurer general of the council Kanakana Mudzanani said government needed to look into the policy framework that was similar to Growth, Employment, and Redistribution framework.

Mudzanani said South Africa needed to start looking at new policy frameworks that spoke to the vast majority of South Africans and their skills set.

“We need to stop being a good boy to the global community where we are told by funding institutions, such as the World Bank, on how we should operate or how we should drive our economy. What we need to do is to study our population, the skills that we have in the country and the resources that we can use to build a strong economy and derive a policy that is going to assist us."

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