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Stellenbosch: University rocked by ANOTHER racism scandal

Stellenbosch University has announced it is investigating yet another alleged racist incident which occurred on campus.

The learning institution is still at the centre of a racial storm after Theuns du Toit, a white first year student, urinated on the belongings of Babalo Ndwayana, who is black.

Du Doit entered Ndwayana’s dorm room on Sunday while he was sleeping and began peeing on his desk, including his books and laptop that was reportedly loaned to him by the university. Video of the incident, recorded by Ndwayana, went viral on social media and sparked outrage.

Du Toit has since been suspended by the university, pending the finalisation of its investigation into the incident. But student organisations, including SASCO, reckon that isn’t enough and want him expelled from the institution.


In the latest alleged racist incident at Stellenbosch University, racial slurs are said to have been hurled towards an Indian female student during an event organised by the law faculty the week before.

For now, the university is still looking into the matter by talking to all those who attended the event to get more information.

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Stellenbosch University’s rector and vice-chancellor, Professor Wim de Villiers has condemned the incident and said the victim would get counselling.

“It involved the request by an Indian student that an Indian song be played. Upon this request, a white law student allegedly made abhorrent racist and defamatory comments that are offensive and degrading,” the university said in a statement.


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