Tanzania: 2021 – Arts and Music Hit Milestone

The YEAR 2021 has been full of achievements to the entertainment and sports industry as there were many artists and athletes who played a key role in heightening the status of the country by winning top prizes in global level events.

Tanzania has managed to flex its muscles in different spheres of entertainment fields whereby several events and achievements have been attained by the national representatives in these entertainment fields.

People with disabilities represented well the nation in sports and beauty contests whereby the nation has been well presented by these groups after their qualification in international competitions that gave the national recognition.

In October 2021 Tanzania was honored to host the unique pageant for people with hearing disabilities were by Tanzania hosted international participants which to mention were Botswana, Burundi, Kenya, Mozambique, Rwanda, Senegal, South Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone.

This event was used as another opportunity to promote various tourists attractions a move that aimed to boost the country's tourism. The other industry that came up as record-breaking this year is the outstanding performance of the National Amputee Football team (Tembo Warriors) who managed to qualify for the World Cup finals to be held in Turkey next year.

As the team was established in 2018 this is a success that has made Tanzania a proud nation as this qualification has given Tanzania international recognition in sports spheres especially football as there are no football teams in Tanzania that have ever archived this point of success since independence.

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The music industry has also seen accomplishment as the key players of this industry represented well the nation in the international awards that associated multiple international artists. Diamond Platinumz, who was nominated as best east African male artist in the Afrimma awards, won the top prize against big international artists in the category.

He was nominated against Otilie Brown from Kenya, Eddy Kenzo from Uganda and other artists who he managed to win over and bring the award home which marked success and achievement in the music industry.

Another musical event that made the nation proud was Nandy's win as the best female artist in East Africa of 2021 thereby she won over the best artists in East Africa where she was nominated against Nadia Mukami from Kenya and Vinka, Knowles Butera from Rwanda. These awards marked an accomplishment in the music industry in 2021 as they proved an improvement in Tanzania's music industry and international acceptance of our music.

After a long period of time film industry witnessed glory and joy during the year as the film board awarded the artists that participated in the various film works in different categories. These awards ceremonies were held in Mbeya where the film industry was recognized in various ways where the best actors, actresses, film directors and other participants were awarded.

Best films were awarded together with other key players in the production of these films so as to show that the country recognizes and appreciates the role played by these film sectors in entertaining and amusing society through their work of art.

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