Tanzania: Govt Reaffirms Commitment to Increase Internet Users

THE government has emphasized on its ambitious plan to increase utilisation of broadband internet from 45 per cent to 80 per cent, as well as the number of internet users from 43 per cent to 80 per cent by the year 2025.

Taking the stance, Deputy Minister for Information, Communication, and Information Technology, Eng Kundo Mathew, while giving his remarks during the Digital Council Conext Digital Infrastructure Summit in Cape Town, South Africa recently, further assured the delegates that Tanzania's internet use is rising and the government is offering support right into the grassroots.

The conference sponsored by the Chinese Huawei company, among other things, provided an opportunity for the participants to discuss various topics on Sustainable Development in ICT and infrastructure.

"Following the 5G service launch in major population centers in Tanzania, access to the internet, particularly mobile broadband has recently begun to take off. It is estimated that there are around 49 users per 100 inhabitants. The government is aiming for 80 percent penetration by the year 2025," said Eng Kundo, on behalf of Minister of the docket, Mr Nape Nnauye.

To ensure that the target is reached, Eng Kundo said the government is providing subsidies to mobile operators currently operating in 2G technology to upgrade their network to 3G or higher in areas of the country that are currently unserved by any mobile cellular signal.

He said the country has made great strides in the development and use of ICT and is committed to placing ICT at the center of its development agenda.

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"Further, we have made several initiatives, including recognizing and building the capacity and skills of ICT Professionals, providing foresight and trends in ICT through research in collaboration with ICT stakeholders, and fostering strategic investment in ICT," he added.

Elaborating, Eng Kundo noted that there are various initiatives that the government, in collaboration with other stakeholders such as Huawei, has taken to promote the use of ICT in education.

"So, it is time to connect the unconnected. Broadband Connectivity Making should be a global priority. We should all work towards that end to use the benefits of digital technology in all sectors of society and the economy. On behalf of the Tanzanian Government, I reaffirm a total commitment to this endeavor" he promised.

Speaking during the occasion, Samuel Chen, President of Southern Africa Carrier Network Business Group – Huawei said governments have a critical role to play in setting the foundation and creating a cost-effective computing environment that allows every citizen to enjoy world-class connectivity.

"Fiber is the cornerstone of the digital economy. In developed countries, the digital economy accounts for more than 50 per cent of GDP.

In developing countries, it is more than 25 per cent. Huawei's innovative solutions facilitate fiber to sites, enterprises, homes, etc. Policy and Ecosystem are important drivers for accelerating fiber deployment so that to fully unleash the digital value Let us work together to light up Africa's future," he pointed out.

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