Tanzania: No Possible Fuel Crisis, Says Ewura

THE Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) has allayed fears on the possibility of Tanzania facing fuel crisis.

The regulator said that the country has enough reserve fuel that will last for at least 30 next days, and that there are other ships carrying petroleum consignment coming to Tanzania.

The assurance was issued on Saturday by the Ewura Director General Eng Godfrey Chibulunje, noting that the government was taking all necessary measures to ensure availability of petroleum products in the country.

Mr Chibulunje made the statement in response to concerns that were raised by members of Tanzania Editors Forum (TEF) on measures that the government was taking to curb the possible fuel scarcity that may be caused by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

"Tanzania has petrol reserve which can be used for 27 days, diesel for up to 19 days and kerosene for 14 days, this is to assure you that there is no possibility of fuel scarcity any time soon," he said.

He said the fuels are being stored in special deports in Dar es Salaam, Mtwara and Tanga region near the seaports.

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The EWURA chief also told editors that more ships loaded with fuel consignment were on their way to Tanzania, whereas the government has already placed orders from Arabian countries on more consignments that will arrive later on.

Eng Chibulunje was however alarmed by the possible price increase on the price cap index to be announced tomorrow for the month of April.

In another development, Mr Chibulunje warned dishonest fuel traders who are planning to create a fake fuel crisis by hiding their stock waiting for the new price to be announced tomorrow.

"I'm reminding all dealers that they are under watch throughout the time, if they create a fake crisis, they will be subjected to strong measures as indicated by the law," he cautioned.

For his part, EWURA's Technical Manager – Petrol Station section Eng Shaban Seleman issued statistics on the stability of fuel business on Friday.

He said on Friday petrol stations had sold over 10 million litres of fuel through which 6,300,000 litres were diesel and the remaining 5,481,028 litres were petrol.

For his part, TEF Chairperson, Mr Deodatus Balile urged the government to come up with a proper strategy that will expand fuel storage facilities for the country to have stock that will last for a long time.

"This might help in the efforts to control the regular increase of petrol price that in turn affects the economy of individuals," he said.

He also advised the government to consider starting using alternative sources of energy, including natural gas in the economy.

"TEF also advises the government to consider waiving taxes and levies on equipment used to convert cars from petroleum to natural gas use," he said, calling for full engagement of the private sector on executing the plan.

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