Tanzania: Tanzania Exports Up By 13pa in Nov. 2021 – Central Bank

A Monthly economic review of Tanzania's central bank – BoT has indicated that exports of goods and services in Nov. 2021 reached $9.79billion up from $8.61billion in a corresponding period in 2020.

It said the growth was driven by a rise in exports of non-traditional goods, travel receipts and transportation.

Exports of goods increased by more than 8.1pa to $6.75billion, non-traditional goods rose by 12.5pa to $5.76billion. Gold exports, which accounted for 44.1pa of the total goods exports remained broadly the same, amounting to $2.82billion compared with $2.85billion in the corresponding period of 2020.

Exports of manufactured goods amounted to $1.2billion in the year ending November 2021, from $894.8million in the previous year, with much of the increase registered in exports of cosmetics, iron and steel, plastic and paper products.

However, the review indicated that there was a noticeable growth in exports of rice, maize and beans to the neighboring countries, reflecting an increase in regional trade.

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