Top tips for planning a family vacation that will not kill your bank account

With the world opening up again, so are the opportunities to travel with your family and create memories that will last a life time.

Travelling is infamous for how pricey it can be. This is something that tends to deter a lot of families, especially big ones.

However, it does not have to put you in debt. There are many ways to experience the best family vacation at an affordable price.

Here are a few tips from travel writer, Gabbi Brondani, on how to make your family getaways easier on your wallet.

Firstly, be smart with when you plan your next vacation. Though school holidays are tempting because of their convenience and relative availability of your kids, they are peak travel times.

Instead, opt to go off-peak times outside of school holidays. If not, book far in advance to get better deals and rates.

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To cut some pretty hefty costs, consider travelling to visa-free destinations for South African passport owners.

Getting visas is expensive but there are plenty of places around the world – over 100, according to Bronbani – to go to that do not require a visa.

If you are preparing to have an overnight vacation, instead of booking a hotel, take a bus, train or ferry ride overnight and create alternative bonding experiences with your kids that will sure be an adventure.

Do your research and prepare in advance by talking to other parents to see if they know of any deals that could help not put your bank account in distress.

Listen to the audio for more.

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