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Tshwane mayor Williams says ANC has no power to remove him from office

JOHANNESBURG – Tshwane Mayor Randall Williams said that the African National Congress (ANC)'s consideration to place a motion of no confidence against him would amount to nothing.

Williams addressed the media on Monday on the one-year anniversary since the Democratic Alliance (DA)-led coalition took office.

He said that the multi-party coalition was stable enough to conclude its five-year term without disruptions.

The ANC in Tshwane said that the DA-led coalition was failing to ensure adequate service delivery.

It said that the continued presence of defective street lights, pothole-riddled roads, ailing sewerage infrastructure and a poor billing system was the reason why the coalition must be booted out of power.

But Williams said that the ANC had no power to remove him from office.

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"As you may know, our coalition government consists of the Democratic Alliance, ActionSA, Freedom Front Plus, African Christian Democratic Party, Inkatha Freedom Party and Congress of the People (cope). The six of us together have a majority coalition government, which gives us the advantage of being able to vote as a solid block in council."

Williams said that if coalition partners continued to work well together, there would be no need for so-called "kingmakers".

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