Uganda: CAA Says Entebbe Airport Runway Reopened After Rwandair Plane Is Removed

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority has said the situation has returned to normal after a RwandAir plane had been removed from the runaway.

On Wednesday morning, a RwandAir plane skidded off the runway at Entebbe Airport as it landed.

The RwandAir flight RWD 464 that was flying from Nairobi overshoot the runway at Entebbe airport as it landed.

This saw chaos as several travellers were stranded at the airport as many of the flights were either delayed or cancelled.

Whereas the airport has two runways including the main one 17/35 which is 3.6 kilometres and the alternate one, 12/30 which is 2.3 kilometres and mainly accommodates small and lighter aircraft, it was the main one that had been affected by the RwandAir aircraft and this meant aircraft could not use it.

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Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority had reported that flights had been cleared to resume but later it was reported that the runway was again closed due to an unforeseen challenge.

"Owing to safety precautions, Entebbe International Airport's runway 17/35, which was earlier on reopened for operations has been temporarily closed. Arrangements had been put in place for flights to land and take-off with precautions," CAA said.

They explained that during the process of removal of the aircraft from the runway strip, it got stuck closer to the runway and this could not allow other aircraft to use the runaway.

Consequently, the previous clearance was reviewed.

However, in the latest statement, the aviation body in Uganda says business has resumed after all the mess was cleared .

"Following successful removal of the Rwanda Air aircraft from the runway strip, flights in and out of Entebbe International Airport have been cleared to resume," CAA said in the latest statement issued at 3am.

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