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‘Valentine’s Day will be bleak’: City of Tshwane cuts power at strip club

The City of Tshwane said Valentine’s Day will be bleak for some as they disconnected electricity at a local adult entertainment club.

The City said the club’s neighbour owed the municipality R1.2 million and they made an illegal connection from their premises. Flamingo adult entertainment club will now be liable to pay the municipality R 621 000 for the illegal connection.


This week, the City of Tshwane embarked on an aggressive revenue collection campaign. It is led by acting City Manager, Mmaseabata Mutlaneng and mayor Randall Williams also joined in.

The campaign seeks to disconnect services to defaulting clients who have defaulted on their municipal accounts.

The municipality said it is owed over R17 billion by various government departments, embassies, State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), businesses and homeowners.

It should be noted that a number of establishments have since settled their accounts. This includes government departments and businesses whose services were disconnected.

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According to the municipality, arms maker Denel, Forest Hill Mall (which owed R4 million), the building that houses the South African National Defense Force Navy (which owed over R3 million), the University of Pretoria Hillcrest campus which owed R34 million are amongst those who have settled their debts after services were disconnected.


Meanwhile, City of Tshwane mayor, Randall Williams said the municipalitie’s legal teams are preparing a comprehensive legal response to companies that are challenging the disconnections.

Williams said that they have noted that some companies are taking the City to court in order to force the municipality to institute reconnections while they dispute their accounts.

“What we have noted is that now, in an effort to maintain the status quo, they are filing legal papers at exceptionally short notice in order to try and force the courts to rule in their favour for an interim basis so that they have their services connected.”

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