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WATCH: Dad TOSSES baby from burning apartment building

A dad was forced to drop his toddler out of the window of a burning apartment building, into the arms of firefighters, in a dramatic scene caught on video, Fox 8 reports.

The incident is reported to have occurred in New Jersey, early Monday morning, 7 March 2022. It is believed that first responders to the blaze thought they had managed to fully the building when they noticed a man stick his head out of a second story window.

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Police body camera shows the officers directing the man to toss them his baby, which he did. Once the child was safe and in the arms of the officers, the dad jumped out of the window headfirst.

DRAMATIC – body camera video from sergeant shows the moment firefighters and police yell "drop the baby" to the Dad in the fire filled apartment.

— So Brunswick PD (@SoBrunswickPD) March 7, 2022

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Rescue captured on officers' body worn camera. Dad throws child out 2nd floor window to officers and firefighters, then jumps to escape flames consuming apartment building.

— So Brunswick PD (@SoBrunswickPD) March 7, 2022

Both father and son were subsequently treated for minor injuries – and are a group of about 50 people from the building affected by the fire. Authorities are now investigating the cause of the blaze.

Only one person was taken to hospital for treatment.

According to a Fox News affiliate station, Sergeant William Merkler, Patrolman First Class Ryan Bartunek, Detective Sergeant John Penney, and Fire Chief Chris Perez ran below the window to catch the baby.

Fire Chief Scott Smith has commended the work of those who were involved, calling it a team effort by various fire departments.

“We were faced with extremely heavy fire conditions immediately on arrival, along with reports of people still inside. Fortunately, all of the occupants were able to escape the fire. If this fire was earlier in the morning when people may have still been asleep, the outcome could have easily been tragic,” Smith is quoted as having said.

This story is eerily similar to one which unfolded right here on home soil during the July riots: Residents in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal also had to catch a baby from a building which had been set alight. Several videos shared on social media showed women and children escaping through small exits in the middle of the building.

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