[WATCH] Elon Musk presents ‘dancing’ humanoid robot before live audience

CAPE TOWN – South African-born tech billionaire Elon Musk has presented the humanoid robot developed by his Tesla company at an event in Silicon Valley.

"Optimus" made a dramatic entrance after two panels slid apart to reveal the electric car maker's latest prototype.

Cheers and applause erupted as Optimus walked, waved at Musk and seemed to attempt dancing to the pumping music.

Tesla Bot coming out and dancing 🤣 @elonmusk

' Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) October 1, 2022

Tesla's "AI Day" was held to demonstrate its advances in artificial intelligence and also featured engineers giving technical presentations about Optimus' capabilities.

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Musk made the point that the event was aimed at recruiting AI & robotics engineers.

While some other companies' technology has plateaued, Musk said he expects the development of Tesla's bot to keep advancing.

Optimus has biologically inspired hands, made to be useful in any setting

' Tesla (@Tesla) October 1, 2022

Musk said the robots would be available commercially in three to five years time.

It really is a fundamental transformation of civilization as we know it.

Elon Musk, CEO – Tesla

He's given assurances before that Tesla wants the transition to an AI-dominated future to be a safe one.

"We always want to be careful we don't go down the Terminator path."

Teslas Bot is going to remove the utterly most painful repetitive tasks in every industry. It’ll make things super efficient. I can only imagine how much efficiency the production line at Tesla will become. @elonmusk

' Tesla Owners Silicon Valley (@teslaownersSV) October 1, 2022

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