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Watch out for bogus cops on one of South Africa’s busiest roads – these are the cars they drive

Fidelity Services Group, the largest private security firm in South Africa, says that motorists need to be aware of a disturbing increase in the number of hijackings at certain intersections in Randburg, Gauteng, and criminals presenting themselves as police officers.

The security group noted that Randburg Station Commander, Brigadier Michelle Jones, issued a warning concerning a rise in hijackings at certain intersections in the northern parts of Joburg.

She specifically mentioned the following areas:

  • Malibongwe street and N1 both on and off-ramps;
  • William Nicol on and off-ramp;
  • The stretch of N1 North and South between Malibongwe and William Nicol roads.

She said the suspects allegedly operate in a group of two to four and use a host of different vehicles with blue lights. The vehicles used include:

  • A white Ford Ranger
  • A white VW Polo
  • Blue/ white/ silver Toyota Corollas
  • Grey Nissan Navara
  • Grey Nissan Almera

Brigadier Jones noted that the victims, who believe they are dealing with bona fide police officials, are held up against their will and dropped off in different areas around Gauteng.

Fidelity Services Group called on citizens to show caution:

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  • Do not stop for anyone if you suspect that the person might be a bogus officer. Drive to the nearest Police station, shopping complex or any other busy area.
  • Do not drive to your residential area as you could then be followed home.
  • Do not stop at a deserted spot or area to talk on your phone or even relieve yourself.
  • Always keep your windows closed.
  • If someone tries to force you out of the road, don’t panic but just blow your horn constantly to draw attention.

Wahl Bartmann CEO of Fidelity Services Group said that theft of items in motor vehicles and of motor vehicle parts has also been flagged, while the growing use of a remote jamming device to block or jam the locking mechanism of motor vehicles has unfortunately become an everyday occurrence.

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