Why Gallo Vault Sessions’ deep dives into SA music history is so important

Music is one of the greatest expressions of art that mankind has ever conjured up. It has the ability to transform, transport and unite.

As South Africans, we use music not only as a form of celebration but as therapy too. We use music as an expression of protest. We use music to tell the stories we've faced and continue to face.

This is what makes Gallo Records' podcast series, Gallo Vault Sessions, just as important as it is entertaining.

With their first episode debuting earlier in the year, the 6-part series is described as an audio documentary that sees a narrator guiding listeners through annals of South African history as told through music, the production of this music and the stories that come from it.

What elevates this podcast is not only the quality of its work but the fact that it is a platform that details African music from African creators, situating our stories in our own context divorced from often-distorted Western interpretation.

Gallo Vault Sessions works on an interpersonal level too through its intrinsic understanding of the impact music has on us on an individual level.

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You can catch these sessions on every major podcast streaming platform with new episodes dropping on the last Thursday of every month until August. Two episodes are already available for streaming.

Listen to the audio for more.

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