Why you should steer clear of fuel tablets in your tank

As the fuel price continues to increase, people are looking for ways to save so their tanks last longer on the road.

Enter fuel tablets – which promise to drastically reduce fuel consumption.

And like with many products that promise bold results, internet marketing via social media platforms such as TikTok has not necessarily helped the matter, as it can lead to some unrealistic promises for some very real concerns by people burdened by these rising costs.

But do these tablets work? No they don't, according to research done by Sasol.

Senior engineer and researcher at the Sasol Fuels Application Centre Adrian Velears said that not only would purchasing these products be a waste of money, but it may also lead to manufacturers cancelling the warranty of your vehicle due to the safety risks that these tablets may have on your engine.

Is it safe? I think, no, it's probably not safe. I don't think your manufacturer would approve it. They wouldn't honour your warranty if they knew you were putting such things in your car and something went wrong. So, from that point of view, it's not safe.

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Adrian Velears, senior engineer and researcher – Sasol Fuels Application Centre

Even if there was some way to increase performance, Velears says that if it was possible for these claims to be true, major fuel and car manufacturers would be all over it and these tablets would be everywhere on major global markets.

The claims they make are miraculous and, if it were true, we would be all over it and, I think, every oil company and car manufacturer in the world would offer it as standard if it did what it did.

Adrian Velears, senior engineer and researcher – Sasol Fuels Application Centre

The lack of a candid conversation being had by these borderline marketing enthusiasts should also operate as a warning sign to consumers because of its resemblance to pyramid schemes and online scamming with studies revealing no credible increase in fuel performance.

It's a competitive industry and, so, if there was something like this we would definitely love to have it but, unfortunately it's too good to be true. It doesn't work at all. It's not only a matter of risk, it's a matter of they don't do anything. So, really it's a pyramid scheme and a scam more than anything else, unfortunately.

Adrian Velears, Senior engineer and researcher – Sasol Fuels Application Centre

Remember to stay woke and if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Listen to the full interview above.

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