Zimbabwe: Artists Show Appreciation for Ministry’s Support

Goromonzi — based visual artiste, Raphael Jamu, yesterday presented the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation, Kirsty Coventry, and her deputy, Tino Machakaire, with their portraits.

Jamu said he wished to host an exhibition of famous local celebrities and diplomats, among


"Together with my team, we came up with an idea of doing a painting for Honourable Kirsty Coventry to thank her for building a good relationship with artistes. We are hoping to work together with the Minister and her office in art projects

"It is my dream one day, to host a solo exhibition given an opportunity and resources. In the art world, my inspirations come from seeing the art works of others at local and international galleries."

He says he was inspired by his peers to come up with many drawings although his strength lay in portraiture.

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Jamu said this during an interview.

Jamu uses pencils, paints, papers, super-woods boards, canvas and flat stones in his drawings

Some of his works are sold in local galleries and he was taught by the late prominent artist, Peter Birch.

"My role model is the late Peter Birch who was my tutor from 1995-1997. I sell my art works to individuals here in Zimbabwe and to galleries in South Africa where l also have a good market.

"My ambition is to develop art as a source of income and to see art subjects being taught in schools in Zimbabwe so that students can seriously take art as a practical subject," he explained.

Jamu is also the president of Hillock Arts Foundation, an international art organization that nurtures children's art talent.

The minister's painting, an A1 size, took one hour 45 minutes to finish. We used coloured pencils and white manila paper."

Jamu said that art was his passion.

"It is an in-born talent. l have never been taught by anyone how to draw and paint. I grew up in Damba Village in Mhangura, Makonde North, in Mash West. I started art at the age of seven when I was doing Grade One at Chebanga Primary School in Mhangura.

"In Grade Five, l used to draw nice charts in the class. I pursued my passion up to Form Four in 1994 at Karuru Secondary School in Hurungwe, Kazangarare. I later attended the Peter Birch School of Art in 1995-97 in Harare's Greenwood Park where l received a certificate in fine art.

"I have been a commercial artist and until now. Currently I work from a small room where I am also tutoring Winston Thulani Mudumo," said Jamu.

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