Zimbabwe: Chimurenga Musician to Hold Family Show

CHIMURENGA musician, Kurai Makore, has lined up a family show on Sunday, which will be catering for the whole family, at the Jasen Mpepho Little Theatre in Eastlea.

Makore's manager Lucky Muzava said the show comes after a successful South African tour with Thomas Mapfumo.

Mapfumo and Kurai's late father were brothers.

Muzava said Kurai gained a lot of experience in South Africa and learnt a lot from the Chimurenga music guru as he played alongside him at all the shows held during the festive season in South Africa.

The family show is the first to be held in 2022 and they believe it is going to be explosive as it kick starts their calendar.

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Muzava said from Eastlea, they were going to Mutoko the following Sunday.

"Kurai is going to play new songs together with old songs from his 2020 album titled 'Gara Unzwe', as well as Mukanya's old time hits," he said.

"It's going to be a spectacular show for the entire family and presents a great time to relax before schools open."

Kurai said they had been working on videos for songs "Hwahwa" and "Africa", which will be coming out soon.

He said they had been working on a number of singles and among them two, "Gaka" and "Daidzai Baba", will be introduced during the show.

"Gaka is basically a love song based on a childhood folklore and given this is the month of love, people will enjoy it," said Kurai.

"The other one is called "Daidzai Baba". It's a direct call to fathers that kids need their guidance and to me it's a special dedication to my father/uncle Dr Thomas "Mukanya" Mapfumo for the guidance and inspiration in music and allowing me to follow in his footsteps, as well as my late father Dominic Makore for all the guidance."

Kurai said they had invited a number of companions in the arts industry, among them Sulumani Chimbetu's camp, Mono Mukundu, Mokoomba's Trust Samende, Diana Samkange and Ammi Jamanda.

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