Zimbabwe: Dorcas Moyo Launches 8th Album

Ruth Butaumocho — Managing Editor

Gospel music forms an important part of people's aesthetic expression and is a blend of music, dance, poetry, drama — all combined in one. It is, therefore, not a gainsaying when people say gospel music, as a genre, has been crucial in strengthening believer's faith, while also promoting unity in Zimbabwe's colourful history.

Its strength probably explains why many upcoming and established musicians have at one time in their musical career attempted to sing gospel – albeit with difficulties for some.

The few that have remained appear to have built a solid foundation, unwavering music fans and pure passion of spreading the gospel through music.

There is also now a new school of worshippers who are warming up to take up the mantle in the near future.

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Award-winning gospel diva Dorcas Moyo, is among the discerning gospel artistes and is slowly gaining popularity with her music from the time she released her debut album "Ndokusheevedzai Ishe" in 2006.

From a mere novice, who was passionate about music from the time that she was only six, Dorcas is slowly becoming a consummate composer and singer, who now boasts of a likable discography that has endeared her to a growing, vibrant and enthusiastic gospel lovers.

Her recent release "Bvudzi Rangu Ramera," which is her eighth album, is a clear testimony of her high level of ingenuity, passion and determination to push her music in Zimbabwe and beyond.

"The album's mood can be best described as redemptive and a declaration of faith for those going through trials and tribulations," siad Dorcas.

"Bvudzi riya riya, ramera, ndichararama ndipupure nyasha, chero mukagera nebanga, rangu ririnomera," she sings as she boldly declares God's grace on her life.

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