Zimbabwe: Gospel Diva Ropes in Mahendere

UNHERALDED musician Rebecca Manford has enlisted the services of veteran gospel musician Father Amos Mahendere to add the wow factor in her debut single titled "Makandinakira".

Released last week, the track is a praise song where she is counting all her blessings including the academic achievements which made her one of the youngest Chief Finance Officers in the country.

The duo blended well and their collaboration was like a "match made in heaven" with Manford's silky voice complementing Mahendere's signature booming voice which made him a star when he was part of Mahendere Brothers outfit with his siblings.

Manford wrote the song and the lyrical content is deep with rhyme and reason.

In an interview with Herald Lifestyle, Manford said her musical journey started when she was still in high school as a teenager.

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It all started when she joined Chapel Choir at Arundel High.

"It is at high school that I developed a talent in music and having being raised in a Christian home, I naturally fell for the gospel music genre," she said.

She added that she owes her growth to her choir director Roz Whaley whom she described as "very talented and strict".

In her turbulent musical journey, she has been a member of the Madrigals- a popular gospel music outfit.

At the moment, Manford is a member of The Marden Singers, a choir comprising of very talented singers in Zimbabwe.

Manford retraced her false start in 2016 when she released her first studio single that never saw the light of the day.

However like the late American diva Aaliyah said "If at first you don't succeed, buckle yourself and try again", she indeed kept trying.

After a sabbatical, in 2021 she resumed her music journey and told herself she will not stop and vows to use music to spread the word of God.

" I began working on a project with some of the best producers in the land and here we are, but the journey continues," she narrated.

The latest single is accompanied with equally impressive visuals directed by Mr Hasty and is available on You Tube.

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