Zimbabwe: Mbudziyadhura Turns New Leaf in Life

Renowned comedian Blessing Chimhowa, popularly known as Mbudziyadhura from the drama series "Gringo", says he is now a born again Christian and has stopped drinking alcohol and philandering.

Mbudziyadhura made the revelations during an interview with The Herald Arts yesterday, where he said he gave his life to Jesus Christ two months ago and is now a devoted member of Apostolic Faith Church led by Semwayo.

"I am now a born again Christian," he said. "I used to have locks, but after this transformation I removed them. I used to do bad things in the past, but my beloved wife Anesu Tendai Nangara Chimhowa stood by me even though my ways were not upright.

"I may have hurt her psychologically, physically and sexually, but I'm very sorry."

Mbudziyadhura said going forward, he will focus on comedy and commercial adverts that do not promote things like smoking and drinking of alcohol.

He regrets how he used to mistreat his family and finding pleasure hanging out with friends.

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He is blessed with four children — three sons and a daughter.

"I used to take my family for granted, spending most of my time at bars, braais and I didn't give them attention as l was busy enjoying the presence of other women and friends," he said.

"l am now concentrating more on my family more than work because now I understand that family is very important. Prosperity, happiness, love, joy and healing begin at home. I can't do well in life if my family is not happy with me."

Mbudziyadhura said he has fully recovered from the ailment he was suffering from during the Covid-19 lockdown and thanked everyone who supported him financially, morally during that difficulty time.

He has urged fellow celebrities to find constructive friends in life, stay focused and love their families.

"When l seriously got sick these friends of mine I used to hang out with a lot were nowhere to be seen" said Mbudziyadhura. "I was helped by people whom I used to take for granted.

"So, to my fellow artists, lets fear God and have self-control and know to handle fame. Let us not be trapped by these women out there and let us love our families, especially our wives who loved us when we were still nobody."

In terms of work, Mbudziyadhura said he was excited that the comedy production "Gringo Paruzevha" he is doing with Gringo Junior was now ready to resume after a break owing to some technical challenges.

"On 'Gringo Paruzezvha' we encountered some technical challenges which have since been sorted and we are hoping that next week we will resume episode 4 to 13," he said.

His parting shot was: "As for me, l was born an actor, always an actor and I will die an actor."

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