Zimbabwe: Minister Applauds Social Media Users for Exposing Poor Road Network

Transport minister Felix Mhona Monday applauded social media users for posting pictures and videos showcasing the country's dilapidated roads, saying this was helping government to know areas that needed urgent attention.

Mhona was speaking during a tour of Zinara funded projects in Harare.

He those posting pothole infested roads were no in any way de-campaigning them.

"We thank social media users who show us bad roads when they post because after they post we then know we have to move with speed to fix them," Mhona, who was accompanied by Zinara board chair George Manyaya, said.

"It is not like they are de-campaigning us, continue to show us these roads. We have to change the culture of a lot of bureaucracy, our offices are open 24hours, seven days a week," Mhona said.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently declared the country's road network a state of national disaster and announced a ZW$400 million war chest to rehabilitate them.

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Zinara has already disbursed ZW$5 billion of the ZW$17 billion it targets to disburse to local authorities this year.

"Between January and April we have actually managed to disburse ZW$5 billion which has started some of these projects around the country," Manyaya said.

"We first took these road authorities for training to ensure they know how to manage these funds then put 10% to each one of them so they commence operations."

Mhona toured Seke, St. Patricks, Harare Drive and Delport roads.

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