Zimbabwe: Ngwazi Assures Fans of Another Hit Album

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Sungura ace Mark Ngwazi's tenacity in the genre is set to be tested next month when he releases a new album titled "Nharo neZvinenharo".

Slated for launch on June 25, the upcoming album comprises of seven tracks.

Undoubtedly, Ngwazi took the crown last year with his album "Chamugwedugwedu Chimatindike" that landed him number one position on Radio Zimbabwe Top 50 end of year show with the song "Taurai Madzoka".

In the past, we have seen musicians who release one hit album or single and thenvanish.

There are a lot of factors that come into play that determine whether a musician can sustainably remain on top the game.

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But, where does Ngwazi belong? Will the Njanja Express frontman prove his critics wrong?

Music fans are eagerly anticipating as they wait to judge if he has struck the right cord again.

In an interview, Ngwazi told Herald Arts and Entertainment that the upcoming album was the best thing he has ever produced.

"This album is loaded and l believe it is more advanced in terms of quality than any other project that I have done before," he said.

Unlike the previous album which he said he made in a hurry during the Covid-19 lockdown, this time he took his time to perfect the project.

"I would not want to pre-empt everything, but to those fans who were complaining last time about not allowing the instruments to flow for some time, we took that into consideration," said Ngwazi.

"Even in terms of lyrical content, this time the English is more polished compared to the previous album as I am eyeing the international market too."

The upcoming album was produced by two famed veteran producers, Bothwell Nyamhondera and Walter Muparutsa.

Commenting on the success of his last album, Ngwazi said it opened many doors for him which have since improved his living standards.

"I am still grateful for what the last album birthed, for so many opportunities and gifts," he said. "I received new phones, two Mercedes Benzes and adverts contracts, among other things. I am humbled by the love and support that I received from my fellow Zimbabweans that have made me to reach where I am today."

Ngwazi has been on a meteoric rise, with many people falling in love with his sungura sound as he exceptionally blends Shona and English rhymes on his songs.

Ngwazi has five albums so far.

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