Zimbabwe: Suspended Zifa President Trial Continues

The trial of ZIFA president, Felton Kamambo, who stands accused of bribing councillors to enable his ascension to the top post continued today with the witness, Robert Matoka saying the money he deposited into people's accounts was for bus fare for them to attend their campaigns.

During cross examination with senior prosecutor Mr Micheal Reza, Matoka told the court that he was indeed the campaign manager of the accused person.

Mr Reza told the court that on December 8, 2018 the accused deposited $2 000 into Matoka's account and he advised him to await further instructions which he confirmed.

Matoka went on to confirm depositing money into the accounts of Francis Mututa, Matthew Tebe, Artwell Moyo, Beaula Musarara Dennis Chuma, Kudakwashe Chisango, Ropafadzo Matemavi and Kudakwashe Remba but said the money was in RTGS.

"The money that I deposited into these people's accounts was not a bribe but it was bus fare so that they could come and attend our campaign rallies," he said.

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Mr Reza told the court that in his statement, Matoka indicated that the other people were paid in cash but either the accused or him.

Matoka said amongst the people whom he deposited money into their accounts, he did not know who participated in the election or not.

Responding to a question by Mr Reza who had said that Matoka decided to approach Phillip Chiyangwa after Kamambo had promised to pay him a certain amount for the job but failed, he said he never approached him.

"I did not approach Chiyangwa but we met at a meeting and he asked me how we had managed to win the elections given that we had been afforded little time to campaign," he said.

During cross examination, Advocate Tawanda Zhuwarara asked Matoka on whether he was given money to buy any of the councillors' vote and he said no.

The State alleges that, ahead of the December 2018 Zifa elections, Kamambo paid some of the association's councillors through EcoCash.

The money was allegedly deposited by Kamambo's then campaign manager, Matoka, into the 32 Zifa councillors' accounts.

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